Monthly Archives: May 2015

Let’s catch up!

It’s been two months since my last post. In between that, I watched season one and two of American Horror Story (very brilliant, you’re doing yourself a complete disservice if you haven’t watched it), read several books (shout-out to Joe Hill’s Horns, loved it!), and went to Courtney Love’s gig. And yes, writing, of course.

I wish to thank anyone who downloaded CUT HERE during the 5-day free book promo, as I never would’ve expected to have 613 downloads, shooting the book to #3 in the most downloaded books for free Kindle in the horror section. So if you’re a new reader stopping by the site for the very first time, THANK YOU, you’re awesome, and don’t forget to write a review on either Amazon or Goodreads once you’re done, I’d very much appreciate it!

This seems short and sweet, but I promise that there’s going to be some new things happening on this site. Before I leave you, I want to recommend this awesomely unsettling and creepy movie, It Follows. Watch it for 90 minutes of sinister fun. You won’t regret it.