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To kick off the launch of Doll Parts : Tales of Twisted Love there’s going to be a giveaway that will run from December 8-January 8! One winner will win a $15 Amazon Giftcard! This is an international giveaway, so don’t hesitate to participate!


“DOLL PARTS: Tales of Twisted Love” Goes on Tour & Inspiration behind the book

Forgive me for my four months of silence, but I’ve been busy reading, writing, & living. On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, I’ll be releasing a collection of short stories entitled, “DOLL PARTS: Tales of Twisted Love.”

Each short story was inspired by various song titles. Below are the songs and the story they inspired:




(Granted, the album was called that and not a song, but here’s one of the songs from that album that was the mood of my short story).

Below are the blog tour dates for DOLL PARTS! Check it out & stay tuned for an exclusive giveaway coming soon!

doll parts tour banner

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[Health] The Best Green Smoothie for Great Skin & Energy Boost!

With summer in full swing, at times appetite decreases and keeping hydrated is a must! Rising temperatures and humidity do a number on your skin during the summer months, so how can you combat both those things in one easy step? THE SOLUTION: Green Smoothie!

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a huge fan of smoothies or green smoothies in general (something about the consistency and taste), but here is a quick recipe that isn’t necessarily grainy and quite tasty! Oh, and it combats both hunger and thirst while providing enough vital nutrients and vitamins to help keep your skin looking its best even when it’s sweltering!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


¾ cup Almond Milk
¾ cup Coconut Water
½ cup chopped Kale
½ cup baby Spinach
1 medium sized Apple (chopped)
¼ Avocado
Half a Banana
1-2 Tablespoons of Soy Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

Blend the following ingredients on high speed for about 30-40 seconds, and you’re on the road to better skin and an instant energy boost! Enjoy!

Let me know if you try this and how you like it!

[Beauty Blip] 5 Best Lip Balms for Softer Lips!

Long before I learned how to read and write, cosmetics were (and still are) one of my areas of passion and expertise. My parents gave me my first vanity at the tender age of three, and with a whole palette of eyeshadows and tubes of different coloured lipsticks, where I would create various looks, and whole thus whole new characters or alter-egos. But out of all the products out there, one of my greatest obsessions is lipbalm. Nothing could break your entire look like dry, chapped lips. And after many years of experimenting and trials, five lipbalms have stood out out of the sea of options.

Now I know that personal preference is just that, personal, but the key ingredients to what makes a lip balm absolutely amazing are, the softness (which usually means it’s a bit thicker and not on the shiny side) and the scent (an awful smelling lip balm is quite distracting, especially when one wears it 24/7 as I do!).

Here are my five favourite lip balms, in order of preference:


Not only does this lip balm promises soft lips with its conditioning ingredients, but it smells amazing. The slight reddish tint is perfect when you’re on the go and don’t really want to commit to lipstick. I’ve been using this since I was ten, and no other product tops this one. Usually retails around $8 on amazon, but if you’re in Europe you can purchase it around 2 euros.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What I absolutely love about this lip balm is the pure softness. It’s very thick, which means that it doesn’t easily dry out, so less applications than your normal lip balm are required. Plus it’s made from organic ingredients, which means no harsh chemicals. Cause ya know…not all of wish to be spreading lead on our lips (looking at you L’Oreal). Retails around $4.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This lip balm smells amazing, and on top of that it is very moisturizing with a hint of honey goodness to make your lips that extra soft! It goes on colorless, making it the perfect balm to wear under lipsticks or glosses. Or at night and not leave residual hue on your pillowcases. Retails around $12.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’ll admit it right now, most of my lip balm flavours revolve around cherry. This lip balm is the best smelling cherry lip balm there is. The feel is extremely luxurious, as is the beautiful packaging. Put this on your lips and set the little case on your vanity and you’ll be feeling like a gorgeous Marie Antoinette in no time. Retails around $12.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When it comes to innovative and amazing beauty products, Japan is the place to go. They’ve had BB creams years before the rest of the world got wind of the craze. This is why Shiseido’s lip balm is one of my all time favourites, with Vitamin E and Gritilretin Acid blended with Italian mineral water, it provides exceptional moisture for hours. As most of the lip balms mentioned, it doesn’t have a real tint to it, but a slight pearly sheen, giving the lips a youthful look. Retails around $5.

“Taking joy in living, is a woman’s best cosmetic.”

Youth and beauty are two things that our current society is blatantly obsessed with. But how would one feel if they had the chance to never age? This is the dilemma that strikes Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline. After a car crash, a lightning brings Adaline back to life causing her heart to regain beating after stopping for several seconds. The bolt not only kickstarts her heartbeat again, but it somehow stunts her aging as well. Initially, it seems like a blessing to never lose one’s youth. But throughout the course of the film, you get to see how being incapable of change is quite a curse. The world around you changes, and yet you do not. This is the same exact curse that plagues vampires as well. Especially if you read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, where her vampires are depressed over the passing of years, and how they feel detached from the changes that occur around them.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With so many people obsessed with youth and beauty, The Age of Adaline wishes to pose the question of, would life really be better if you were to never age? You’d have the opportunity to be perpetually youthful, but does that truly lead to happiness? One could live a thousand lifetimes over the decades, but would that be enough, or is the importance of life more about the people who surround you, and the experiences you can live together with them, rather than living it on your own. Eternal youth in the movie lead to loneliness, and perhaps, when someone seeks out eternal youth through uses of plastic surgery, exercise, and fad diets, in a way you’re alienating yourself from living in the present, because you’re too focused on the future.

Just like Adaline, who had to flee all the time to keep her eternal youth a secret, we too flee, and become prisoners of our vanity if that becomes our only purpose. Beauty shouldn’t be solely equivalent to youth, for wisdom and experience can have a beauty of its own. And beauty shouldn’t only be defined by the mass, because looking the same as everyone else, doesn’t make you beautiful. Just a vulgar clone. Think about it.

Let’s catch up!

It’s been two months since my last post. In between that, I watched season one and two of American Horror Story (very brilliant, you’re doing yourself a complete disservice if you haven’t watched it), read several books (shout-out to Joe Hill’s Horns, loved it!), and went to Courtney Love’s gig. And yes, writing, of course.

I wish to thank anyone who downloaded CUT HERE during the 5-day free book promo, as I never would’ve expected to have 613 downloads, shooting the book to #3 in the most downloaded books for free Kindle in the horror section. So if you’re a new reader stopping by the site for the very first time, THANK YOU, you’re awesome, and don’t forget to write a review on either Amazon or Goodreads once you’re done, I’d very much appreciate it!

This seems short and sweet, but I promise that there’s going to be some new things happening on this site. Before I leave you, I want to recommend this awesomely unsettling and creepy movie, It Follows. Watch it for 90 minutes of sinister fun. You won’t regret it.

Behind “CUT HERE,” Part Six.

When I began writing “CUT HERE,” in January 2011, I hadn’t readily decided right away that it was going to be about angels. But I knew that I needed to explore a paranormal premise if I wanted the students’ deaths to be linked to a book. At the time, vampires and werewolves were extremely popular (Twilight, anyone?), but I also knew that I needed something radically different (I’m not going to say original, since a plethora of fiction with angels exist out there). However, my choice to go with angels was more of a personal one.

I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of angels (guardian angels, fallen angels, the whole she-bang of the spectrum). But it wasn’t until my grandmother (whom CUT HERE is dedicated to) was dying of lung cancer did I become acquainted with the knowledge of death angels. One night, while I was sleeping, my grandmother woke me up in the middle of the night and said, “A beautiful man came to me tonight, and told me that I’m never going to get over this illness.” Of course I told her, “You must’ve been dreaming. Don’t take those words to heart, you’ll get better,” although we both knew my words were drenched with lies. But we both wanted it to be true. That she could get better. My grandmother was never the type to have visions or hallucinations, and she was very lucid up to her death. She wasn’t taking any meds that could’ve altered her perception of reality, and I somehow didn’t believe that who/what she saw was a figment of her imagination. So I pressed her for more details, clearly fascinated. When I asked her if the handsome man spoke to her, she said that he told her that he was angel.

“So he had wings?” I inquired.

“No,” she said, “Don’t be ridiculous, of course he didn’t have wings. He was like a normal male, only very tall with long brown hair.”

Curious, I decided to do a little research about this, and to my surprise, I noticed that a lot of people who are facing death have encountered angels (not necessarily with wings), and that such angels are referred to as “death angels” (pretty much aiding a dying person to crossover). I did more research and discovered that the archangel Michael (better known for being a warrior and banishing the Devil to Hell), is a death angel (amongst his other duties of eliminating evil). What I found very interesting is that across the three major religions (Catholic, Jewish, & Muslim), the archangel Michael was present.

So when I chose to write about angels, I thought that Michael would be perfect. His physical description was based on what my grandmother told me about the angel she saw (although I added in the emerald green eyes, as I figured as an angel he would have striking looks). I know that throughout the novel, Michael’s actions may not always make sense, but as I explored what his personality would be like, I imagined someone who’s a warrior, mostly known for being rigid and set on accomplishing his mission. Feelings (whether they’re love or hate) have no place with him, because he’s not human. So when Michael does feel something for Lena (for the sake of simplicity I have him call that feeling “love,” but for an immortal who has never loved, a strong lust is closer to the reality of the situation), and reason why he’s incapable of controlling said feelings whenever in her presence. But he never wavers from his mission though, despite being occasionally distracted by his feelings of lust and jealously.

The only way I could rationalize that an immortal would actually put themselves though high school is if he had a mission to accomplish (because I honestly do not understand characters like the Cullens’ clan in Twilight or the two brothers from The Vampire Diaries, that decide to go to high school pretending to be humans). Why would an immortal ever do that? Especially if a vampire in normal vampiric circumstances, only comes out at night? But I digress.

CUT HERE was inspired by a nightmare that I had in 2008, while Michael was inspired by the angel that visited my grandmother in 2010, and in 2011 I decided to weave those two principle ideas together that would provide the majority of the plot for the novel. Writing CUT HERE was an intimate journey for me, and I hope that you, as a reader, can be swept up in this crazy rollercoaster adventure. I’d suggest to fasten your seatbelts, but I think you’ll appreciate the ride more if you’re reckless. There’s no airbags for this crash. Abandon yourself to the journey, and believe in angels.

Soundtrack for “CUT HERE”.

Music is my bread and butter. Growing up, I’d find any excuse to make a mix tape, whether it was for a friend or crush. Whenever we were assigned book projects in high school, I saw that as a golden opportunity to create soundtracks for those books. In recent years, I’ve noticed that creating sountracks for novels have become the “it” trend. As I wrote CUT HERE, I was inspired by some songs, and imagined which songs would fit into certain scenes in the novel. Other songs found themselves being mentioned in the novel itself during pivotal scenes of action. So here are thirteen songs that I’ve selected that were either mentioned in the novel, or I envisioned would be perfect to set the mood of the novel in certain scenes. Enjoy the darkness.



















As I promised, there’s an exclusive giveaway that will be running from February 7, 2015 – March 13, 2015 (midnight PST). A winner at random will be selected and announced later on Friday, March 13, 2015. Winner will be notified by private message on Goodreads.

Rules & Regulations:

To particpate in this giveaway, you simply need to go to CUT HERE’s Goodreads Page, and mark CUT HERE as “to-read”. EASY.

The Prize:

A gorgeous hand-crafted pendant by Heather Lefler, inspired by the glass/mirror pendants that several characters of CUT HERE wore throughout the novel. Necklace not pictured, but will be included in prize.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*This giveaway is WORLDWIDE.*

Good luck, and may the giveaway begin!

CUT HERE availabe for pre-order HERE. Book releases on February 13, 2015.


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Here are the dates for CUT HERE’s Blog Tour coming up in February!

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CUT HERE availabe for pre-order HERE. Book releases on February 13, 2015.

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